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Hickory Sheet Metal Co. is pleased to offer design-build services and commercial HVAC installation solutions for businesses throughout Concord, North Carolina. If you need an HVAC system designed for your commercial property, you can rely on Hickory Sheet Metal Co. not only to design it to meet your needs but also to build and install it for you. We are the commercial HVAC replacement contractor that’s here to set your business up for success.

What Is Commercial HVAC Design-Build?

Commercial HVAC design-build is a comprehensive approach to constructing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems tailored to the unique needs of commercial spaces. Unlike traditional methods where the design and construction phases are separate entities, design-build integrates both aspects into a single, streamlined process. This method fosters collaboration between designers, engineers, contractors, and clients from the project’s inception to completion, ensuring cohesive planning, efficient execution, and cost-effective solutions. By consolidating responsibilities under one roof, commercial HVAC design-build minimizes delays, enhances communication, and optimizes the system’s performance to meet the specific requirements of businesses, offices, retail spaces, and other commercial establishments. Ultimately, this approach delivers superior results in terms of functionality, energy efficiency, and overall satisfaction for building owners and occupants alike.

Our Commercial HVAC Services

Hickory Sheet Metal Co. has been providing custom sheet metal services and heating and cooling solutions for homes and businesses in Concord, NC, since 1928. We have extensive experience designing all types of commercial HVAC systems to suit new commercial buildings as well as buildings with outdated HVAC systems. What’s more, we can fabricate our own sheet metal for the air ducts and other components of your system, and we offer commercial-grade air conditioners and handlers for your business.

When you choose Hickory Sheet Metal Co. for your commercial HVAC installation, we’ll start your project with a free, no-obligation consultation during which we will:

  • Assess your property’s needs – We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your commercial property to determine the specific heating, ventilation, and air conditioning requirements.
  • Draw up the design plans – Based on the assessment findings and your preferences, our experienced designers create detailed HVAC design plans customized to meet your commercial property’s needs.
  • Build your system – We will begin the construction phase by procuring high-quality HVAC components and materials. Whether it involves assembling rooftop units, fabricating ductwork, installing ventilation systems, or integrating advanced controls, we adhere to industry best practices and manufacturer specifications to construct a reliable and efficient HVAC system.
  • Install it in place – Our technicians will meticulously install the HVAC units, ductwork, ventilation outlets, thermostats, and any associated components with precision and efficiency. We prioritize safety protocols and minimize disruptions to your business operations during the installation process.

Our attention to detail throughout the entire process, from the design plans to the construction to the installation, ensures the best results for your commercial property.

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“These guys know what they are doing. They had our York chiller system up and going in a matter of hours even after the factory service provider (Johnson Controls) said they couldn't fix it. I would definitely reccomend these guys for industrial cooling needs.”

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“These guys know what they are doing. They had our York chiller system up and going in a matter of hours even after the factory service provider (Johnson Controls) said they couldn't fix it. I would definitely reccomend these guys for industrial cooling needs.”

“A simple thank you does not adequately express my gratitude to you and your people for your hard work, dedication and long hours. You professionalism and your team approach to getting the job done was evident.”

“Your technician/service man came late in the day at a time when many would have gone on home instead. He knew his job and did it in a courteous and efficient manner. You are to be congratulated for having such an employee. Few companies in Hickory provide the level of service evident in this repair. Thank you for taking care of us so well.”

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